by Sam on September 25, 2013

A Google Account is a user account that provides access to Google owned services such as Blogger, YouTube, and Google Groups. A Google Account sign up automatically creates a Gmail email account whereas before Google Accounts could be email addresses other than Gmail. An account can be created by signing up for an email address with Gmail. Gmail introduces experimental add-ons and features through Gmail Labs. This lets users to decide which features they would like to use while they are still being developed. Google automatically skips searching through spam and trash folders, so users can have results that are more likely to be relevant.

A Google account lets users access all their stuff such as Gmail, photos and more from any device. The main features only available with Gmail account are sending voicemails, Sending emails, Gmail notifications, Chat history, Offline chats. Users can be able to receive voice mails from their friends and also can send voice mails. Google Talk can link directly to Gmail to help users to send messages. Gmail notifications is a feature where Google Talk provides new message notifications to the Gmail inbox. Gmail uses HTTPS encryption to keep your mail secure. Although this is a beneficial security setting, Google has noted that errors may be seen in the Gmail mobile application and the Google toolbar if users do enable this feature.